7 Insider Tips for Selling Your First Place

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Selling Your Home Many homeowners will tell you how emotional it was to buy their first home, but you rarely hear about their experience selling it. It’s only natural to grow attached after creating so many wonderful memories, which can make selling a challenging process. Fortunately, you’re not in it alone. Together, we can simplify … Read More

How to Measure the Square Footage of Your House

Know exactly how big your house is, and maximize the way you use it. It can be a big help to know your home’s square footage – and how to measure it. (Getty Images) When you’re simply going through your normal day-to-day activities, the exact size of your home may not seem so important. But when it comes time to sell your home, … Read More

5 Health-Boosting Enhancements for Your Home

These easy changes to your home and how you maintain it can help you live healthier all year round. Houseplants help purify the air inside your home, and provide you with fresh air even if it’s too cold to spend time outside. (Getty Images) If home is where the heart is, imagine how much better you could feel by ensuring your … Read More

About Fairview, N.C.

A Loved Community for Lots of Reasons Here are some of there Reason’s as to why Fairview is So Loved Learn more on the I Love Fairview Face Book Page..             Whistle Hop Brewery             Fairview Public Library        Trout Lily Market & Deli        Hickory … Read More

How to Tactfully Back Out of a Real Estate Deal

Here are your best options for bowing out of a home purchase or sale without ruffling too many feathers. The goal of any real estate deal is for all parties to come away happy – whether it’s the home seller pleased with the profit, the buyer excited to start life in a new home or the real estate agents satisfied with the … Read More

6 Great Tiny House Communities

People are attracted to tiny living for different reasons. Find out what makes these communities flourish. WeeCasa is a tiny home resort near the Rocky Mountains about 45 miles northwest of Denver. (WeeCasa Tiny House Resort) Looking to live differently? Opting to forego a traditional house or apartment for a home the size of a typical American living room would certainly … Read More

About Asheville, N.C.

Asheville.com GoAsheville.com Chamber of Commerce Explore Asheville GOVERNMENT City of Asheville Board of Elections Buncombe County USDA Forest Service Warren Wilson College  A. B. Tech. Community College  UNC – Asheville USDA Forest Service Asheville Art Museum Black Mountain NC Blue Ridge Parkway N.C. State Parks Brevard Music Center Chimney Rock Park Flat Rock Playhouse Grandfather Mountain The Hot Springs Spa … Read More

Will 2019 Be The Year of the Millennial Homebuyer?

Millennials have a reputation for shunning homeownership, but that may change this year. Homeownership may be easier to accomplish for first-time buyers this year. (Getty Images) Only 32 percent of millennials owned a home in 2015, according to a 2018 Millennial Homeownership Report from the Urban Institute. However, that might change in 2019. While interest rates are rising, housing prices are … Read More

7 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home to Start Now

Don’t wait until the ball drops to start on these projects. Get a jump-start on that 2019 to-do list. The holiday season has arrived, and as you welcome family and friends to your home to celebrate, many of those home improvement projects you haven’t managed to tackle throughout the year can easily end up on the New Year’s resolution list. But … Read More

How to Guard Against 9 Winter Home Hazards

Take care of these maintenance issues before they cause damage or endanger your family and friends. The blustery winter months are already here for some regions of the country, and for others the coldest part of the year is coming fast. Whether you expect to cross-country ski to work in the first few months of the year or you live in a … Read More