Asheville No. 1 Destination in the Country to Visit in 2015

“Good Morning America” ushered in the new year with a Jan. 1 segment touting Asheville as the No. 1 destination in the country to visit in 2015. “It’s an amazing place. It’s really coming into its own. It’s a glorious natural setting,” said Pauline Frommer, editorial director of the popular Frommer travel guide. She went on to promote the area’s … Read More

Fairview Meadows: Country Living, City Life

Starting a new subdivision is a lot more than laying out a sign. First, is the long process of due diligence- understanding all the variables behind creating a successful subdivision. This includes zoning issues, rates involved… knowing the land. You have to make sure you are good to go before you are good to go. The land then gets surveyed … Read More

Tourism lowers tax burden for residents

Tourists are temporary taxpayers, says Steve Morse of Western Carolina University. Visitors help pay for schools, streets, fire and police protection that residents enjoy in local communities. CULLOWHEE – Steve Morse loves waiting at the red light behind a car with out-of-state license plates. “They are lowering my taxes where I live in Jackson County. Tourists can come in and help … Read More