When Buying an Accessible Home Consider These Important Steps

When Searching for an Accessible Home

Buying an Accessible New Home? Don’t Skip These Important Steps If you’re a homebuyer searching for an accessible home, you may already know some buying basics. You’ve connected with a realtor and started your search online, but have you thought about other ways to make the home-buying process easier? If not, we’ve got you covered with these savvy, but often-forgotten, … Read More

33 Easy Spring Deep Cleaning Tips

Quick and Easy Deep Cleaning Tips

Nothing feels quite as satisfying as coming home to a clean house. Since cleaning your house from top to bottom can be overwhelming — not to mention, time-consuming — take it room by room (or appliance by appliance) with these tried-and-tested spring cleaning tips. No matter if you have five minutes to freshen up or an entire weekend to spare, give all … Read More

9 Ways to Improve Your Home’s Storage

Are household items taking over your home? Try these unique ways to open up the space. Having things stored and organized makes life less stressful. That’s because you can keep things neatly tucked away and find them when you need them. These nine storage projects are DIY friendly, but there are also companies that specialize in building and installing storage … Read More

4 Design Tips to Expand a Small Room

Design Tips for Smalls Spaces

Great Tips and Tricks to Make What seems like a Small room feel Like a Castle Whether it’s a cramped bedroom or an office nook, many homes have a small room that’s difficult to decorate.  Do you wish you could add more charm without forgoing square footage? Well, just because your space is limited, it doesn’t mean your style has … Read More

So Much to Consider when Retiring

So Much to Consider when Retiring

Here are three questions to consider before making a move for retirement: When you think of the home you’ll retire in, a new house may come to mind. Or maybe you’re contemplating moving to your favorite vacation spot or somewhere closer to friends and family. With so many choices, how will you know what’s best for your lifestyle? Here are … Read More

Top Kitchen Cabinet Colors for 2020

Kitchen Cabinet Colors for 2020

Calming Blues, Stricking Black Shades and Much More…. There’s nothing like an all-white kitchen, but in 2020, interior designers are open to a range of other impactful hues, especially for cabinets. But finding the right hue for your kitchen cabinets can be a frustrating process. Everything from the style of your cabinets to the amount of natural light your kitchen receives are key factors … Read More

Seller Etiquette for Showing a Home

Should Seller’s Leave the House when Buyer’s arrive? It’s not uncommon for someone selling a house to sometimes be home when a prospective buyer, led by a real estate agent, arrives for a scheduled showing. Sellers might believe they are being helpful by pointing out features, but buyers are just as likely to be annoyed. Even though sellers likely mean well, … Read More

7 Insider Tips for Selling Your First Place

111419 - Blog Post

The Do’s and Don’ts of Selling Your Home Many homeowners will tell you how emotional it was to buy their first home, but you rarely hear about their experience selling it. It’s only natural to grow attached after creating so many wonderful memories, which can make selling a challenging process. Fortunately, you’re not in it alone. Together, we can simplify … Read More

How to Measure the Square Footage of Your House

Know exactly how big your house is, and maximize the way you use it. It can be a big help to know your home’s square footage – and how to measure it. (Getty Images) When you’re simply going through your normal day-to-day activities, the exact size of your home may not seem so important. But when it comes time to sell your home, … Read More