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Here are some of there Reason’s as to why Fairview is So Loved

~ Resident ~
I have lived in Fairview my whole life and of all the places I have ever been I would not live anywhere else.

~ Resident ~
Fairview is: A quiet, slow-paced refuge of beautiful landscapes full of family history and lifelong friendships.

~ Resident ~
Beautiful, majestic, peaceful, entrancing, community, family and friends, home away from home!

~ Resident ~
I Love Fairview because we have so many local businesses we can shop at without leaving Fairview. And you meet so many nice people along the way.

~ Resident ~
Loving community where you go to local grocery store & always see people who you care about & care about you!!

~ Soon to be Resident ~
My roots, my second home, I will be there permanently one day, takes my breath away every visit!

~Former Resident ~
The place I miss the most!

Learn more on the I Love Fairview Face Book Page..

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