Fun (and Useful) Summer Home Trends

Summer Home Trends

Summer Home Trends

Summer is a great time to improve your home’s exterior. Interested in enjoying your space a little more? Maybe you want to boost your home’s value. Either way, it makes sense to find inspiration by taking a look at what other homeowners are doing.

So, you are thinking about updating your yard or patio this summer? Here are five popular trends to consider trying for yourself.

Install a workout or play area. Make the most of your property by building a swing set or sandbox. And adding a horseshoe pit or investing in a small climbing wall or some gym equipment are great items that the whole family can use.

Build a front yard social spot. Want a casual outdoor spot that’s welcoming to your friends and neighbors?  Maybe think about setting up a social area in the front yard — like one with benches, swings and comfortable places to sit and chat.

Focus on backyard entertainment. And for more private gatherings, focus on guest-friendly features in the backyard. Movie screens, fire pits and hot tubs are a few popular options.

Add an outdoor kitchen. Love to cook? Just want to eat alfresco? Install an outdoor pizza oven or invest in a smoker or grill. And be sure to set up a roomy (and durable) dining area, too.

Plant a vegetable or herb garden. It’s never too late to improve your landscaping with something functional. Consider planting a few of your family’s favorite veggies or herbs in a small garden out back.

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