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Fairview Meadows: Country Living, City Life

Starting a new subdivision is a lot more than laying out a sign. First, is the long process of due diligence- understanding all the variables behind creating a successful subdivision. This includes zoning issues, rates involved… knowing the land. You have to make sure you are good to go before you are good to go.

The land then gets surveyed and topographical maps are created. There are meetings with Planning and Zoning, engineers and teams to cut in roads and do compaction tests. Even the Fire Marshall has to ensure that a fire truck can get in and out of the subdivision before building can start.

Recently my husband and I did just this- created a new space for homebuilding in North Carolina in a beautiful country setting just east of Asheville. It was the third subdivision we’ve created in 10 years. Of course, when I say recently, I mean we started eight months ago!

That’s right, the biggest cost to creating a subdivision isn’t necessarily the money involved to secure the land. The biggest investment is time!

But it’s all worth it. On top of creating a livelihood for myself, a Realtor, and my husband, a builder, we’re helping grow the community. This is especially true in Fairview where there is a housing shortage.

And is it any wonder? This area offers much to those who want to live in the beautiful rolling hills of the Smokey Mountains. Our little community of 3,000+ offers the best of both worlds- quiet country living while being only 15 minutes away from Asheville and all the amenities the county seat city offers. Our increased elevation means slightly cooler temperatures and beautiful views!

Being close to Asheville- the largest metropolitan area in Western North Carolina- has its own allure but the quiet of the country does too, especially in the mountains. And so we created the latest living space, Fairview Meadows, to help meet the demand. There’s no reason one can’t have elegance and room to roam.

If you’d like a tour of the new area (and a chance to see the views for yourself!), call Cool Mountain Realty at 828-628-3088. We’ll be happy to show you around.

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